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March 20, 2018

Wedding Planning: Things I Love Part I - Marcine O. Ricketts of M.O.R.Events

Who am I?

I am a woman who loves and serves beauty. A lover of fashion, couture, uniqueness, and all things fabulous yet elegant. This is presented in my creative vision when partnering with couples for their wedding.

I am truly awe inspired about all things wedding, from the draping of a wedding gown to the softness and luxury of a bridal bouquet, the decor and ambiance of the ceremony and reception space, to the remarkable craft, taste, and pattern of the wedding cake. I love it all when it comes together beautifully and meets the desires of the bride and groom, being more than they hoped for, passion meeting vision.

A couple's enjoyment of this most important time in their life is essential. All things are taken into consideration, from our communication, to the mapping out of the planning timeline, every presentation that is made, to every decision assisted with, where planning meetings are held, to the vendors selected, each step tailored towards the marriage experience. It is my pleasure to assist in the preparation for this occasion, relishing in their enjoyment of this time including the sometimes comedic bantering between them, and their exploration of finding out new things about each other and this new life!

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Photo credit: @reem_acra capped sleeve gown courtesy of @weddingideas and @andreaiyamah gown courtesy of @sugarweddings on Instagram 

March 30, 2018

Wedding Planning - Vendors I love

I love working with vendors who provide service with their clients in mind. They relate to them as they would want to be treated, listening to the needs of the clients what they say, and what they do not. Equal attention is given to all clients no matter the financial scope of the job. Vendors that love what they do, and desire the very best outcome for all involved. Vendors whose service and/or products are amazing, leaving clients with a life changing experience!

Some are incredibly inspiring. From this I often receive great opportunities to learn new ways of doing things, yielding new ideas and bringing a fresh perspective and direction to designing weddings and events.

Some have amazing stories of how they began, and why they love what they do. They bring invaluable experience, worth, and talent to their clients. This is a reflection of my heart. We would do what we do if we were not getting paid, buuuuut there comes along those pesky bills and responsibilities.

One such person is photographer Thomas L Townsend. I had the joy of working with him at Willow Springs Vineyard in Haverhill, MA. I had noticed his work at a prior event I attended and was in awe of the passion in which he approached his job. He was on the floor at times, and under tables getting that perfect shot. I could not believe it. I also listened to him at a client consultation and loved the way he put the client at ease establishing a relationship of trust not being afraid to be real, candid, but very relatable. He assessed all client needs, ones they knew they had, and ones they did not know they had. We also learned a trick he uses in getting everyone calm, together, and ready to take family pictures at weddings. We however are sworn to secrecy, so we cannot share. (Insert smile, and pinky swear sign). Thomas takes as much care in the editing and presentation of his pictures as he does in his approach to clients. His background story is also pretty exciting of meeting and being mentored by a well established photographer. More to come on this, as well as interviews with various vendors and venues we love.

Wonderful vendors make a world of difference both to their clients and to their fellow industry workers.

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April 30, 2018

Wedding Planning - My Design Sense is Fashion Influenced:

Bridal Bouquets with Flowing Ribbons

Presentation in what we do is very important. When designing a wedding, the decor, the wedding party wear, and the order of events to name a few, are essential parts of the beautiful and memorable day. A most enjoyed part of the bridal party wear is the bouquet. The bouquet of the bride and her party completes and unifies their look. One particular bridal bouquet style is to wrap the bouquet with a flowing ribbon. This design has been done for quite a while, but seems to be trending over the past year.

My wedding design style has been influenced by my love of fashion, working in the fashion industry, and being exposed to how fabrics are put together and how the draping and the shape of clothing can make for a marvelous look. In my opinion the flowing ribbon on the bouquet acts like an extension of the bridal or bridesmaid gown itself. Therefore, the gown that is worn with this style of bouquet should be less voluminous such as some A-Line styles. Gowns that are quite voluminous such as Ball Gowns, are usually fabulous all by themselves and do not need any further drama which this bouquet style certainly brings. The Ball Gown or more voluminous A-Line Gown needs no distractions. The parings of the bouquet and the gown can certainly make for a clean and elegant look.

While this is our design aesthetic, the bride of course must have the final say on what she desires for her day! We love what we do!



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Photos courtesy of @CeremonyMagazine & @DavidsBridal on Instagram