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We will help you to achieve the wedding you've been dreaming of.  

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You receive information, ideas, tools, and expert advice to make your wedding planning a success. This package is great for couples planning your own wedding and have questions or need direction.

You receive assistance with all details and steps of planning or just the items requested of us. This package is great for couples needing assistance with planning all or a portion of your wedding.

We are on site the day of your wedding to guide the flow of activities so you may focus on your big celebration. This is great for couples who have done all your planning but are in need of our assistance on managing your wedding day.

This is a combination of all packages. We work with you from start to finish, vision to execution. This is great for couples with a busy schedule and are limited on time, or couples who do not enjoy planning, but desire a beautiful wedding and memorable day.

We offer decorative and floral services. Most floral arrangements shown on this site were done by us. You may request this service only or add to one of the partnership packages.

What our customers are saying

M. O. R. Events is undeniably wonderful.  My wedding celebration was such a success due to the elegant, finest and God favored romantic ambiance created.  Marcine is a true professional who put everything into her work.  My wedding is just one of her testaments of excellence. Thank You M. O. R. Events!

 - Ni Gilb Woodham